Benefits of cloud security

Greater visibility

Only an integrated cloud-based security stack is capable of providing the centralized visibility of cloud resources and data that is vital for defending against breaches and other potential threats. Cloud security can provide the tools, technologies, and processes to log, monitor, and analyze events for understanding exactly what’s happening in your cloud environments.

Centralized security

Cloud security allows you to consolidate protection of cloud-based networks for streamlined, continuous monitoring and analysis of numerous devices, endpoints, and systems. It also enables you to centrally manage software updates and policies from one place and even implement and action disaster recovery plans.

Reduced costs

With cloud security, you don’t have to pay for dedicated hardware to upgrade your security or use valuable resources to handle security updates and configurations. CSPs provide advanced security features that allow for automated protection capabilities with little to no human intervention.

Data protection

The best cloud computing providers will provide data security by design, offering strong access controls, encryption for data at rest and in transit, and data loss prevention (DLP) to secure your cloud data wherever it’s located or managed.