Challenge: Our customer, an online car marketplace in Turkey, was using Azure to host its workloads. However, They were looking for a more cost-effective and scalable cloud platform. They also wanted to take advantage of Google’s DevOps pipelines and data processing and AI and machine learning capabilities to improve its customer experience.

Solution: Google Cloud worked with our customer to develop a migration plan for moving its workloads from Azure to GCP. The migration plan included the following steps:

  1. Assessment and discovery: Our customer and NGC worked together to assess and discover workload. This involved identifying the applications, data, and infrastructure that would be migrated to GCP.
  2. Cloud foundation: NGC helped to build a cloud foundation for its workloads on GCP. This involved setting up the necessary infrastructure and services, such as Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, and Cloud Load Balancing.
  3. Migration: NGC helped to migrate its workloads from Azure to GCP. This involved using a variety of migration tools and techniques, such as Cloud Data Transfer Service and Migrate for Compute Engine.
  4. Optimization: NGC helped to optimize its cloud environment for cost and performance. This involved identifying areas where our customer could save money and improve performance.

Results: Our customer was able to successfully migrate all of its workloads from Azure to GCP. They are now saving on its cloud costs and has improved its customer experience by using GCP’s DevOps and Data products and machine learning capabilities.

Benefits: They have benefited from the following benefits by migrating to GCP:

  • Cost savings: Saving on its cloud costs by using GCP.
  • Scalability: Now easily scale its cloud environment to meet its changing needs.
  • Performance: Improved the performance of its applications by using GCP’s high-performance infrastructure.
  • Innovation: Taken advantage of Google cloud capabilities to improve its customer experience.

Conclusion: Our customer migration to GCP was a success story. Now They are saving money, have improved the performance of its applications, and are able to innovate faster by using Google Cloud’s capabilities.

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