Tırsan wanted a system that allows employees to work seamlessly in an integrated system. NGC has increased User productivity. Many corporate activities, including e-mail, have provided productivity, speed and cost advantage.


About Tırsan

Founded in 1977, Tırsan Treyler is the dominant market leader in the Turkish semi-trailer industry. As the customer’s first choice of trailer manufacturer, Tırsan’s success is built on its industry insight shaped by its accumulated experience in the Turkish market and its responsiveness to its customers’ expectations.

Leading Turkish trailer industry by state-of-the-art research and development practices, Tırsan has the widest product range in the market.

The Challenge

Tırsan was busy with different details on its servers. As a constantly growing organization, this brought them a serious workload. They thought it would be useful to switch to a cloud-based application. They said that being a cloud product of G Suite is a great advantage for them.G Suite provided us with an important added value. They reset some of their efforts here.

The Solution

“We strengthened our Operational Efficiency with NGC expertise,” said Tirsan. With G Suite Email capacity problem has disappeared. There are no problems with accessing e-mails. This is an important issue for them, legally. We had to install their programs for every new user. Currently minimizing such a need we had.G Suite provides a significant added value to Tırsan.

The Results

Tırsan team quickly familiarized themselves with the new interface.G Suite is a great value. Real-time working with no more need to check documents in and out, or waiting for others to finish their edits – now Tırsan’s users can just get stuff done.Less rigid boundaries, helped teams and with partners.

NGC was a great process with a great structure and team. There was constant communication the whole way’.Tırsan also engaged with NGC to implement a mobile strategy for and staff, as well as change management and training.

Hakan Karadelioğlu – IT Coordinator

Link: https://cloud.withgoogle.com/partners/detail/?id=ngc-new-generation-cloud&hl=tr