Socradar said “We are technologists at Socradar, so we do know our stuff. Still, there are always details to figure out during a migration and it’s not always easy. NGC really helped with all their Google expertise”

The Challenge 

With Google Cloud Platform, Socradar can take care of its customers’ requirements without compromising the performance benefits of cloud based infrastructure. If a marketing campaign takes off, Socradar can provision more servers at the touch of a button instead of ordering, installing and configuring a new physical server.

The Solution   

Transferring its stack to Google Compute Engine gives Socradar a highly scalable solution to handle its customers demands at all times. Google Cloud SQL provides a familiar, intuitive way to manage the company’s databases while Google Cloud Storageholds its data. GCP’s networking products like Cloud Load Balancing ensure a smooth experience for customers no matter the server load.


Scaling is a big draw for us. It’s easier to add and remove machines with Google Cloud Platform. With Google, we can easily scale down on the weekend when we have less traffic. Then on Monday, we can add more servers to meet demand.As its business grows, Socradar can trust its infrastructure to grow with it on Google’s global network of Cloud Regions.